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A(n) is an ecosystem that is covered with water for least part of the year

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Chapter 11.1 & 11.2 notes section 11.1 1. every living thing has a set of ? inherited from its parents. 2. after becoming a ? , mendel spent several years studying ? and mathematics at the university of vienna. 3. during sexual reproduction, male and female reproductive cells join, a process known as ? . 4. pea flowers are normally ? , which means that sperm cells in pollen fertilize the egg cells in the ? flowers. 5. when mendel crossed plants with ? characters for the same trait, the resulting offspring had only one of the characters. 6. a ? is a specific characteristic, such as seed color or plant height, that varies from one individual to another. 7. filius and filia are the latin words for ? and ? . 8. the offspring of crosses between parents with different traits are called ? . mendel's surprise, all of the offspring had the character of only ? of the parents. 10. mendel's first conclusion was that biological inheritance is determined by ? that are ? from one generation to the next. 11. scientist calls the chemical factors that determine traits ? . 12. mendel's second conclusion is the ? . 13. the principle of dominance states that some alleles are ? and others are ? . 14. when mendel allowed the f1 plants to reproduce by self-pollination the traits controlled by ? alleles reappeared in about ? of the f2 plants in each cross.
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The instructions for making proteins come originally from
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Play the role of a carbon atom in an ecosystem. start with production, how are you made?
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What did hunter gathers do to alter the environment?
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A(n) is an ecosystem that is covered with water for least part of the year...
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