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Barnacles and mussels compete for space on rocks. which of the following is another good example of an interaction that is best described as competition, not predation or parasitism?

a-clownfish live in the tentacles of sea anemones, gaining protection from predators that avoid being stung or caught by the sea anemone while dropping small pieces of food for the anemone.
b-lampreys attach to the side of a fish and use their rasp-like teeth to cut through the fish's scales, allowing them to consume the fish's blood.
c-remoras attach to sharks and break the shark's scales (scutes), allowing them to consume mucus produced by the shark's internal organs.
d-several species of nematode worms can all live in the intestines of marine fish; the presence of one type may limit space and nutrient availability for other types.

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Barnacles and mussels compete for space on rocks. which of the following is another good example of...
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