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During what stage does the dna copy itself

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There are many different fields of science, each with its own methods of investigation. in which field of science would a field study of volcanoes or other landforms most likely be conducted? (1 point) biology chemistry physics geology
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Hurry which of these is true about index fossils? a) are very scarcely found b) used as guides in relative dating c) found in the youngest layer of the rock d) used as reference points in absolute dating
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Which best explains how a heat pump can heat a room? cold air from the house is moved through pipes, where it absorbs thermal energy. warm air from outside is pushed into the house to replace the cold air. combustion warms the air when chemical energy is transferred to thermal energy. fuel is used to move a piston, which pushes warm air into the house.
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Based on the topographic map of mt. st. helens, what is the contour interval of the volcano about height is 2,950 m?
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During what stage does the dna copy itself...
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