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Explain how adaptive traits are important in constant changing world

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Chicken pox and hepatitis are bacterial diseases. true or false?
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Darrel conducted an experiment with the following procedure: fill two cups with ice water. place an uninflated balloon snuggly onto your left index finger. blow a little air into an identical balloon, and place it onto your right index finger. place both fingers into the cups of ice water. darrel noticed that his right finger felt warmer in the ice water than did his left finger. which of the following does the experiment show? a. air is a good radiator of heat. b. air is a good insulator of heat. c. air is a good conductor of heat. d. air is a good convector of heat.
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If assuming tasting ptc as a simple gene trait,what other genotype would you select to put in this missing genotype box that could result in this phenotype
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High blood pressure occurs when there is too much blood flowing through the blood vessels at one time. by changing the amount of water in the blood, blood pressure can change. the excretory system can to lower blood pressure.which would most likely occur in the kidney? a)more water would be transferred from the nephron.b)less water would be absorbed into the nephron.c)the amount of water in the bladder would decrease.d)the amount of water in the blood would increase.
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