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How does the conservation of matter relate to the process of digestion?

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Which organism is the producer in this food web? 7th grade question. a) arthropods b) birds c) fungi d) plants
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Asap timed! 1. ice core samples from glaciers ice caps contain bubbles of ancient atmosphere that are in layers based on age. what questions are scientists most interested in? a. how the amount of water vapor needed to make the ice has changed b. how the amount of ozone has changed over time.c. how the amount of ice in each layer has changed over time d. how the amount of carbon dioxide has changed over time 2. what produces milankovich cycles ? a. sunspots ams solar flare on the suns surface b. changes in the earths orbit c. gravitational changes bases on the position of the sun and the moond. cycles of vegetation that result in desert and rainforest conditions
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Type the correct answer in the box. use numerals instead of words. fiona has a lovely flower bed in her yard. she wants to add a fence along one side of the flower bed. the fence material is sold in meters. fiona knows that her flower bed is 200 centimeters in length. how much fencing material does fiona need in meters? fiona needs meters of fencing material for her flower bed.
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When analyzing tree rings, what do scientists assume a thin ring indicates?
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How does the conservation of matter relate to the process of digestion?...
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