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If your body is more used to exercise with you produce less co2? provide evidence!

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Dna is the genetic material that makes up living things, and folic acid plays an important role in the information of dna. jon wants to study the effect of folic acid on dna formation in microbes. which statement accurately describes the variables in this study
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Ausable water source is one that can be used by humans for drinking or agriculture. identify the water reservoirs as usable or unusable based on their current state. oceans rivers glaciers freshwater lakes groundwater
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Which of the following statements is most likely correct about a rock belonging to the jurassic age and a rock belonging to the cambrian age? options: 1) they have identical fossils of organisms that have evolved over time. 2) both have animal fossils preserved in them due to weathering and erosion. 3) they contain different fossils because life on earth has changed through time. 4) the fossils in them were formed on the surface of earth due to exposure to sunlight.
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Which situation is an example of not doing work? lifting a couch throwing a baseball running up stairs carrying a box
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If your body is more used to exercise with you produce less co2? provide evidence!...
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