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What cellular process uses oxygen and sugar to produce energy?

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Use the following information to answer the following question. malaria is an infectious disease caused by a unicellular eukaryotic organism belonging to the genus plasmodium. these eukaryotic organisms are transmitted from one person to another by the female anopheles mosquito when it feeds on human blood. within humans, the plasmodium species destroy red blood cells and, without effective treatment, serious infections can lead to death. currently, more than 400 million people are afflicted with malaria and between 1 and 3 million people die from it each year. historically, a chemical compound called quinine has been used in developing effective drugs against malaria. in its natural environment, quinine is produced by certain trees native to south america. this chemical is synthesized in the outer layer of tree trunks and acts as an herbivore deterrent. despite being used for many years, quinine-based drugs have not led to the eradication of malaria and currently there are parasites that are resistant to the compound. what process was likely important in the development of this resistance to quinine?
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Last week i was assigned a thematic. we have groups of three but the people i was assigned with haven't been in school for days. i would appreciate if anyone can me with my thematic . i highlighted most of the important steps and i circled my thematic topic. in desperate need : ( its due on february 19
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Researchers want to use edna to look for an invasive species in the water which of the steps would be likely do last
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In tomato plants, mendel found that the allele for smooth seeds (s) is dominant, while the allele for wrinkled seeds (s) is recessive. which of these punnett squares shows crosses between two plants heterozygous for smooth seeds? i need this to be answered as soon as ! sry the picture is bad quality
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What cellular process uses oxygen and sugar to produce energy?...
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