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Which type of environmental scientist is most likely to study how whales are affected by pollution?

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In an experiment examining the effects tai chi on arthritis pain, callahan (2010) selected a large sample of individuals with doctor-diagnosed arthritis. half of the participants immediately began a tai chi course and the other half (the control group) waited 8 weeks before beginning. at the end of 8 weeks, the individuals who had experienced tai chi had less arthritis pain that those who had not participated in the course.
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Drag each tile to the correct box. the body monitors the levels of oxygen in the blood to regulate breathing. isabel is running in a marathon and is near the finish line. she feels out of breath. how will her nervous system work to generate a reaction? arrange the tiles in chronological order. isabel's breathing rate increases. sensory receptors in the arteries detect low oxygen levels. the brain sends signals through motor neurons. sensory neurons generate an impulse. the central nervous system relays an impulse to certain brain regions.
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Ascientist is investigating the effects of salinity on fish development. he places fertilized fish eggs in an aquarium that contains low salinity and observes their development. what factor would improve experimental design the most? place the fish eggs in the open ocean because that is the natural habitat include another aquarium that has normal salinity to compare to the low salinity aquarium include an aquarium that replaces salt with sugar to confirm that the effects are specific to salt grow algae with the fish eggs in order to provide adequate nutrients to the developing embryos
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What are the two functions of the respiratory system
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Which type of environmental scientist is most likely to study how whales are affected by pollution?...
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