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Write a paragraph on testing probability

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Which of the following statements is true? a. there are more chromosomes in an organism than there are genes. b. there are more genes in an organism that there are chemical bases. c. dna is made of sugar, phosphate, and carbon. d. genes are found in specific locations on a chromosome.
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What sre the effects of hemolytic disease of a newborn
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What is the intake in cubic centimeters
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Penicillin is hydrolyzed and thereby rendered inactive by penicillinase (also known as β-lactamase), an enzyme present in some resistant bacteria. the mass of this enzyme in staphylococcus aureus is 29.6 kd. the amount of penicillin hydrolyzed in 1 minute in a 10-ml solution containing 10-9 g of purified penicillinase was measured as a function of the concentration of penicillin. assume that the concentration of penicillin does not change appreciably during the assay. penicillin(μm) amount hydrolyzed(nmol) 1 0.11 3 0.25 5 0.34 10 0.45 30 0.58 50 0.61 (a) plot v0 versus [s] and 1/v0 versus 1/[s] for these data. does penicillinase appear to obey michaelis-menten kinetics? if so, what is the value of km? (b) what is the value of vmax? (c) what is the turnover number of penicillinase under these experimental conditions? assume one active site per enzyme molecule.
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