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Advantages of the corporate form that have led to the growth of this form of business ownership include all of the following except: select one:
a. ability to raise capital.
b. ability to transfer ownership.
c. limited liability.
d. low government regulation.

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Ok, so, theoretical question: if i bought the mona lisa legally, would anyone be able to stop me from eating it? why or why not?
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Reliability and validity reliability and validity are two important considerations that must be made with any type of data collection. reliability refers to the ability to consistently produce a given result. in the context of psychological research, this would mean that any instruments or tools used to collect data do so in consistent, reproducible ways. unfortunately, being consistent in measurement does not necessarily mean that you have measured something correctly. to illustrate this concept, consider a kitchen scale that would be used to measure the weight of cereal that you eat in the morning. if the scale is not properly calibrated, it may consistently under- or overestimate the amount of cereal that’s being measured. while the scale is highly reliable in producing consistent results (e.g., the same amount of cereal poured onto the scale produces the same reading each time), those results are incorrect. this is where validity comes into play. validity refers to the extent to which a given instrument or tool accurately measures what it’s supposed to measure. while any valid measure is by necessity reliable, the reverse is not necessarily true. researchers strive to use instruments that are both highly reliable and valid.
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Asap! the following information is given for tripp company which uses the indirect method.
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Upper a fish farm raises salmon and trout.a fish farm raises salmon and trout. the marginal cost of producing each of these products increases as more is produced. draw the​ firm's ppf. label it ppf1. the fish farmfish farm adopts a new technology that allows it to use fewer resources to feed the salmonfeed the salmon. draw a ppf that shows the impact of the new technology. label it ppf2.
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Advantages of the corporate form that have led to the growth of this form of business ownership incl...
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