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Amanufacturing company furnishes the following data for one of its manufacturing cells. maximum units produced in a quarter (3-month period): 250,000 units and time available in a quarter is 50,000 hours. but only 180,000 units were actually manufactured. calculate the theoretical cycle time (in minutes) and theoretical velocity in units per hour.
a. 20 minutes per unit, 10 units per hour
b. 12 minutes per unit, 5 units per hour
c. 15 minutes per unit, 7 units per hour
d. 24 minutes per unit, 12 units per hour.

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Every powergrains cereals box has a toll-free number printed at the side. this allows buyers to contact the manufacturer and make suggestions or register complaints. this is an initiative toward:
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Kim davis is in the 40 percent personal tax bracket. she is considering investing in hca(taxable) bonds that carry a 12 percent interest rate. what is her after- tax yield(interest rate) on the bonds?
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Tom and carol are resident aliens, married, and want to file a joint return. they have two children. sydney is 5 years old and a resident alien. benjamin is 2 years old and a u.s. citizen. both children lived with the parents in the united states all year. tom, carol, and sydney have individual taxpayer identification numbers (itins). benjamin has a social security number. tom earned $30,000 in wages. carol had $8,000 in wage income. they had no other income. tom and carol provided all the support for sydney and benjamin. sydney and benjamin attended daycare while tom and carol were at work. tom and carol did not receive dependent care benefits from a dependent care benefits plan or flexible spending account. the daycare center provided the baker's with a statement indicating the amount of $3,250 paid for 2018, their name, address and valid employer identification number. 6. who can tom and carol claim as a qualifying child for the child tax credit? a. sydney b. benjamin c. both sydney and benjamin d. neither sydney or benjamin
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The ledger of laurie rental agency on march 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared. debit credit prepaid insurance $ 5,400 supplies $ 4,500 equipment 40,000 accumulated depreciation—equipment $12,600 notes payable 25,000 unearned rent revenue 11,100 rent revenue 90,000 interest expense –0– salaries and wages expense 20,000 an analysis of the accounts shows the following. 1. the equipment depreciates $600 per month. 2. two-thirds of the unearned rent revenue was earned during the quarter. 3. the note payable is dated january 1 and bears 12% interest. 4. supplies on hand total $800. 5. the insurance policy is a two-year policy dated january 1. instructions: a. prepare the adjusting entries at march 31, assuming that adjusting entries are made quarterly. additional accounts are: depreciation expense, insurance expense, interest payable, and supplies expense. b. compute the ending balances for prepaid insurance, unearned rent revenue, and rent revenue, and indicate in which financial statement those items will be reported.
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Amanufacturing company furnishes the following data for one of its manufacturing cells. maximum unit...
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