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Antique manufacturers old-fashioned, rotary telephones for use in movie scenes (and other displays). worldwide demand is 44,000 phones per year. the rotary dial on each phone costs $0.75. set up costs are $8. the carrying costs are 12%.
a. what is the economic order quantity (eoq)?
b. what are the annual order costs?
c. what are the annual carrying costs?
d. if antique operates 250 eight-hour days per year and the lead time is eight days, what is the rop.

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Find the interest rate for a ​$4000 deposit accumulating to ​$5234.58​, compounded quarterly for 9 years
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Compare the sources of consumer credit(there's not just one answer)1. consumers use a prearranged loan using special checks2. consumers use cards with no interest and non -revolving balances3. consumers pay off debt and credit is automatically renewed4. consumers take out a loan with a repayment date and have a specific purposea. travel and entertainment creditb. revolving check creditc. closed-end creditd. revolving credit
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Sonic corp. manufactures ski and snowboarding equipment. it has estimated that this year there will be substantial growth in its sales during the winter months. it approaches the bank for credit. what is the purpose of such credit known as? a. expansion b. inventory building c. debt management d. emergency maintenance
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Match each item to check for while reconciling a bank account with the document to which it relates.(there's not just one answer)1. balancing account statement2. balancing check registera. nsf feesb. deposits in transitc. interest earnedd. bank errors
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