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Bernard's firm has set corporate direction to become one of the leaders in each of its significant market segments. it was bernard's job to examine the firm's pricing strategy to determine how to maximize market share, even at the expense of profits in the short run. what kind of company objective would guide bernard's effort?

a. industry-oriented
b. sales-oriented
c. competitor-oriented
d. innovation-oriented
e. customer-oriented

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Oimpermeable peaeiremblm: a garment you put on when it's raining. eddepnieent: a sales person. rrgteeaa: to negotiate the price of an article. jcaa: a box where the sales person keeps the money of his/her sales. rbatoa: something inexpensive. zalu: the color of the sky. gfolasdaes (3 words): an object that protects your eyes from the sun.
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