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Debra, age 51, is self-employed and has never made a lot of money. but, she has consistently saved $4632 per year into a traditional ira. over the years, she has taken full advantage of the tax law and deducted each year’s contribution from her tax return. if debra started saving at age 26 and has earned an average annual return of 5%, how much is the account worth today?

a. $619398.

b. $48556.

c. $23677.

d. $221072.

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The master manufacturing company has just announced a tender offer for its own common stock. master is offering to buy up to 100% of the company's stock at $20 per share contingent on at least 64% of the outstanding shares being tendered. after the announcement of the offer, the stock closed on the nyse up 2.50 at $18.75. a customer has 100 shares of master stock in his cash account. the customer tells you that he wishes to "cash out" his position. you should recommend that the customer:
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Consider a consumer who is contemplating a new automobile purchase. she has narrowed her decision down to two brands, honda accord and ford taurus. she has identified gas mileage, price, warranty, and styling to be important attributes to consider in her decision
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According to the weather forecast, there will be at least 40.5 inches of rainfall next year is an example of which type of probability
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Ange in supply or (ii) a movement along the supply curve. a. during a real estate boom that causes house prices to rise, more homeowners put their houses up for sale. b. many strawberry farmers open temporary roadside stands during harvest season, even though prices are usually low at that time. c. immediately after the school year begins, fewer young people are available to work. fast-food chains must raise wages, which represent the price of labor, to attract workers. d. many construction workers temporarily move to areas that have suffered hurricane damage, lured by higher wages. e. since new technologies have made it possible to build larger cruise ships (which are cheaper to run per passenger), caribbean cruise lines have offered more cabins, at lower prices, than before. 2. in the following three situations, the market is initially in equilibrium. after each event described below, does a surplus or shortage exist at the original equilibrium price? what will happen to the equilibrium price as a result? a. in 2010 there was a bumper crop of wine grapes. b. after a hurricane, florida hoteliers often find that many people cancel their upcoming vacations, leaving them with empty hotel rooms. c. after a heavy snowfall, many peop
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