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During his annual job performance review, tim's supervisors said he was skilled at interviewing people and could act
quickly in an emergency. however, they wanted him to become more proficient using weapons and other tools.
what is most likely tim's career?
crossing guard
magistrate judge
police officer

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Ajustification for job training programs is that they improve worker productivity. suppose that you are asked to evaluate whether more job training makes workers more productive. however, rather than having data on individual workers, you have access to data on manufacturing firms in ohio. in particu- lar, for each firm, you have information on hours of job training per worker (training) and number of nondefective items produced per worker hour (output). (i) carefully state the ceteris paribus thought experiment underlying this policy question. (ii) does it seem likely that a firm’s decision to train its workers will be independent of worker characteristics? what are some of those measurable and unmeasurable worker characteristics? (iii) name a factor other than worker characteristics that can affect worker productivity. (iv) if you find a positive correlation between output and training, would you have convincingly established that job training makes workers more productive? explain.
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If a team of three workers, each making the u.s. federal minimum wage, produced these 12 rugs, what would the total labor cost be? don't forget that these workers would be working overtime.
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Uknow what i love about i ask a dumb question it is immediately answered but when i ask a real question it take like an hour to get answered
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How many organs are supplied at a zero price? (b) how many people die in the government-regulated economy where the government-set price ceiling is p = 0? the quantity qd – qa. the quantity qe – qa. the quantity qd – qe. (c) how many people die in the market-driven economy?
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During his annual job performance review, tim's supervisors said he was skilled at interviewing peop...
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