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For a particular maximization problem, the payoff for the best decision alternative is $15.7 million while the payoff for one of the other alternatives is $12.9 million. the regret associated with the alternate decision would be

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Resources and capabilities, such as interpersonal relations among managers and a firm's culture, that may be costly to imitate because they are beyond the ability of firms to systematically manage and influence are referred to asanswers: socially complex.causally ambiguous.path dependent.the result of unique historical conditions.
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Assume f& s offers a deal whereby enrolling in a new membership for $700 provides a year of unlimited access to facilities and also entitles the member to receive a voucher redeemable for 25% off yoga classes for one year. the yoga classes are offered to gym members as well as to the general public. a new membership normally sells for $720, and a one-year enrollment in yoga classes sells for an additional $500. f& s estimates that approximately 40% of the vouchers will be redeemed. f& s offers a 10% discount on all one-year enrollments in classes as part of its normal promotion strategy. how many performance obligations are included in the new member deal? how much of the contract price would be allocated to each performance obligation? explain your answer. prepare the journal entry to recognize revenue for the sale of a new membership. clearly identify revenue or deferred revenue associated with each performance obligation.
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In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor:
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Define strategic marketing management using terms effectiveness and efficiency
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For a particular maximization problem, the payoff for the best decision alternative is $15.7 million...
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