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Gina wanted to tell her employees about the seminar, but she put the flyer in a stack of papers and forgot about it until after the deadline, so none of her employees were able to sign up for the seminar. what type of barrier has occurred in this situation?

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Label each scenario with the term that best describes it. use the midpoint method when applicable. marcel duchamp was a famous artist prior to his death, and was known for his dada artwork, including works such as "soft toilet". all of his original sculptures and paintings go on sale. paul owns a tim horton's, a famous donut and coffee franchise. he is willing to sell as many maple glazed donuts as customers want at a price of $1.00 each, but he refuses to sell any donuts for any price lower than $1.00 . the price of facial tissues rises from $2.85 per box to $3.15 . as a result, p& g increases production from 15 million boxes to 25 million boxes of facial tissue. with the school semester starting for both high school and college, papermate chooses to increase production of pens from 38 million to 42 million after global prices of writing instruments increase from $1.90 a package to $2.10 a package. bright ideas increases its production of lightbulbs by 15% after a 400% increase in the price of fluorescent bulbs.labels: elastic supply; perfectly inelastic supply; perfectly elastic supply; inelastic supply; unit-elastic supply.
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Read the following scenario and answer the question in 5-10 sentences. you are the owner of a small business that is a defendant in a lawsuit in federal court. you received bad news from your lawyer that the judge did not allow certain documents to be admitted as evidence in court and that the jury reached a $50,000 verdict in favor of the plaintiff. your lawyer tells you that it is within your legal right to hire him to file an appeal with the united states court of appeals. if the appellate court rules in your favor, you may be able to avoid paying part or all of the $50,000. evaluate your lawyer’s suggestion about appealing the decision.
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What legislation increased the ability for federal authorities to tap telephones and wireless devices, tightened the enforcement of money laundering activities, as well as broadened powers toward acts of terrorism and acts such as drug trafficking?
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How do the percentages of the 65 customer satisfaction ratings in that actually fall into the intervals [formula62.mml ± s], [formula62.mml ± 2s], and [formula62.mml ± 3s] compare to those given by the empirical rule? do these comparisons indicate that the statistical inferences you made in parts b and c are reasonably valid? (round your answers to the nearest whole number. omit the "%" sign in your
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Gina wanted to tell her employees about the seminar, but she put the flyer in a stack of papers and...
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