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In performing accounting services for small businesses, you encounter the following situations pertaining to cash sales. (1) sunland company enters sales and sales taxes separately on its cash register. on april 10, the register totals are sales $26,000 and sales taxes $1,300. (2) crane company does not segregate sales and sales taxes. its register total for april 15 is $18,020, which includes a 6% sales tax. (a) prepare the entry to record the sales transactions and related taxes for sunland company. (credit account titles are automatically indented when amount is entered. do not indent manually.)

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Alandowner entered into a written agreement with a real estate broker whereby the broker would receive a commission of 10% of the sale price if he procured a "ready, willing, and able buyer" for the landowner's property and if the sale actually proceeded through closing. the broker found a buyer who agreed in writing to buy the property from the landowner for $100,000, the landowner's asking price. the buyer put up $6,000 as a down payment. the agreement between the landowner and the buyer contained a liquidated damages clause providing that, if the buyer defaulted by failing to tender the balance due of $94,000 at the closing date, damages would be 10% of the purchase price. the landowner included that clause because she was counting on using the proceeds of the sale for a business venture that would likely net her at least $10,000. the buyer became seriously ill and defaulted. when he recovered, he demanded that the landowner return his $6,000, and the landowner refused. the broker also demanded the $6,000 from the landowner and was refused. the broker and the buyer filed separate suits against the landowner, with the buyer pleading impossibility of performance. the two cases are consolidated into a single case. how should the court rule as to the disposition of the $6,000?
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An essential element of being receptive to messages is to have an open mind true or false
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What is the difference between career options in the law enforcement pathway and career options in the correction services pathway?
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Markets and competition in a perfectly competitive market, all producers sell identical goods or services. additionally, there are many buyers and sellers. because of these two characteristics, both buyers and sellers in perfectly competitive markets are pricetakers . true or false: the market for lettuce does exhibit the two primary characteristics that define perfectly competitive markets. true false
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In performing accounting services for small businesses, you encounter the following situations perta...
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