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On august 4, armstrong trucking, inc., paid $4,500 to replace the engine in one of its trucks. complete the necessary journal entry by selecting the account names from the drop-down menus and entering the dollar amounts in the debit or credit columns.

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The amberssen specialty company is a chain of twelve retail stores that sell a variety of imported gift items, gourmet chocolates, cheeses, and wines in the toronto area. amberssen has an is staff of three people who have created a simple but effective information system of networked point-of-sale registers at the stores and a centralized accounting system at the company head- quarters. harry hilman, the head of amberssens is group, has just received the following memo from bill amberssen, sales director (and son of amberssen’s founder). harry—it’s time amberssen specialty launched itself on the internet. many of our competitors are already there, selling to customers without the expense of a retail storefront, and we should be there too. i project that we could double or triple our annual revenues by selling our products on the internet. i’d like to have this ready by - giving, in time for the prime holiday gift-shopping season. bill after pondering this memo for several days, harry scheduled a meeting with bill so that he could clarify bill’s vision of this venture. using the standard con- tent of a system request as your guide, prepare a list of questions that harry needs to have answered about this project.
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Asap describe three different expenses associated with restaurants. choose one of these expenses, and discuss how a manager could handle this expense.
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What is the definition of an entrepreneur
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Ricardo is sure he has what it takes to succeed in the food business, but because he lacks management experience, he wants one that will provide the most training and support. which of these possibilities would be his best choice? a. subway b. old macdonald's bed and breakfast c. fuzzy's tavern d. ricardo's café
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On august 4, armstrong trucking, inc., paid $4,500 to replace the engine in one of its trucks. compl...
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