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One of the possible legal challenges to affirmative action programs is that they violate the clause of the amendment. because this amendment is at play, any affirmative action program that uses race or ethnicity as a basis for decision making is reviewed by the courts using scrutiny.
fill in the blanks with words that would best complete the passage.
equal protection
free speech
due process
rational basis

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How should the financial interests of stockholders be balanced with varied interests of stakeholders? if you were writing a code of conduct for your company, how would you address this issue?
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The dollar has appreciated against the currencies of many of the u.s.'s top trading partners. what outcome could this fall in foreign price levels have on aggregate demand
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At december 31, 2018, newman engineering’s liabilities include the following: $29 million of 5% bonds were issued for $29 million on may 31, 1999. the bonds mature on may 31, 2029, but bondholders have the option of calling (demanding payment on) the bonds on may 31, 2019. however, the option to call is not expected to be exercised, given prevailing market conditions. $33 million of 4% notes are due on may 31, 2022. a debt covenant requires newman to maintain current assets at least equal to 194% of its current liabilities. on december 31, 2018, newman is in violation of this covenant. newman obtained a waiver from national city bank until june 2019, having convinced the bank that the company’s normal 2 to 1 ratio of current assets to current liabilities will be reestablished during the first half of 2019. $26 million of 7% bonds were issued for $26 million on august 1, 1989. the bonds mature on july 31, 2019. sufficient cash is expected to be available to retire the bonds at maturity. required: classify the above mentioned debts as current liabilities or noncurrent liabilities. also, provide corresponding value for the same. (enter your answer in millions (i.e., 10,000,000 should be entered as
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​enrique borrowed $3600 to put a down payment on a motorcycle. the loan had a simple interest rate of 8% for 2 years. use the formula i = prt to find the amount of interest he will pay on the loan. i = interest; p = principal; r = rate (expressed as a decimal 0.08); t = time in years.
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One of the possible legal challenges to affirmative action programs is that they violate the clause...
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