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One year ago, debra purchased 5,400 shares of knf stock for $218,056. today, she sold those shares for $19.49 a share. what is the capital gains yield on this investment if the dividend yield is 1.7 percent?
a.-28.01 percent
b.-48.28 percent
c.3.07 percent
d.-51.73 percent
e.4.53 percent

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Suppose that hubert, an economist from an am talk radio program, and kate, an economist from a nonprofit organization on the west coast, are arguing over government bailouts. the following dialogue shows an excerpt from their debate: kate: to recent financial crises, the concept of bailouts is a hot topic for debate among everyone these days. hubert: indeed, it’s gotten crazy! a government bailout of severely distressed financial firms is unnecessary because free markets will properly price assets. kate: i don’t know about that. without a bailout of severely distressed financial firms, the economy will experience a deep recession. the disagreement between these economists is most likely due todifferences in scientific judgments . despite their differences, with which proposition are two economists chosen at random most likely to agree? business managers can raise profit more easily by reducing costs than by raising revenue. central banks should focus more on maintaining low unemployment than on maintaining low inflation. employers should not be restricted from outsourcing work to foreign nations
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At present, the united states has an embargo against north korea because a. the two countries have extremely poor political relations. b. north korea will not adopt a capitalist government. c. north korean products are too difficult to use. d. north korea has an embargo on american products. e. products from north korea are in higher demand than american-made products.
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Electronic communications networks (ecns) provide an alternative trading medium, which has increased competition with the stock exchanges.
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China white was the black market selling of ivory, in which the profit was redistributed back into the trafficking of heroin.
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One year ago, debra purchased 5,400 shares of knf stock for $218,056. today, she sold those shares f...
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