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Real estate appraisal is often considered "more art than science," since identifying truly comparable properties is a subjective process. therefore, it is essential that a comparable property transaction at least meets the requirement that it was fairly negotiated under typical market conditions. which of the following types of transactions would be most appropriate for use in the sales comparison approach to valuation? arm's-length transactions commingled business transactions real estate auctions low-interest financing programs

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Define marketing management using terms effectiveness and efficiency
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What is a market? a. a system that allows people or companies to buy and sell products and services b. the number of companies willing to manufacture a specific product c. the ability to buy production materials in large quantities and save on costs d. a product's ability to satisfy a consumer
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Part two of threewhich accurately describes a cause for inflation? the federal reserve requires banks to keep more money on reserve. the federal reserve raises interest rates and slows economic activity. the government places too much money into circulation. the government places too little money into circulation. what are consequences of rapid inflation? (select all that apply.) savings accounts become less desirable because interest earned is lower than inflation individual purchasing power increases, which results in an increase in demand. individual purchasing power decreases, which results in a decrease in demand. people postpone purchasing expensive items, such as homes, until prices does the federal reserve stabilize and safeguard the nation’s economy? (select all that apply.) it distributes currency and oversees fiscal conditions. it implements american monetary policy. it regulates banks and defends consumer credit rights. it regulates and oversees the nasdaq stock exchange. what are functions of the federal reserve? (select all that apply.) it offers financial services within the government. it creates us coins. it prints us dollars. it enters us currency into does the federal reserve bank fit into the balance of power among the three branches of the federal government established by the constitution? the chair of the federal reserve is appointed by the president and approved by the senate. the chair of the federal reserve is elected by popular vote. the chair of the federal reserve is appointed by congress and approved by the supreme court. the chair of the federal reserve is appointed in a secret meeting.who appoints the board of governors of the federal reserve system? the us president the us supreme court the us house of representatives the us senatewhy is federal oversight crucial to the operation of the federal reserve bank? the federal reserve is the nation’s central banking system. the federal reserve controls the nomination of legislators to committees. the federal reserve funds mandatory government expenditures. the federal reserve sets rules and regulations for the new york stock exchange.what is the government accountability office (gao)? an independent agency that answers to congress and audits the federal reserve an internal review agency of the federal reserve used to promote its mission a government agency that answers to congress and audits the united states mint a private agency that advises the dent about fiscal policyhow does the law of comparable advantage lead to international trade? countries that do not engage in trade are in a stronger position economically than countries that do trade. countries that cannot produce products efficiently have to trade for the goods and services that other countries have. countries that have more resources are able to trade for a wider variety of items that can be offered for sale. countries make products they can produce efficiently and are able to get the rest of what they need through trade.when might a country produce a product even though it cannot do so efficiently? (select all that apply.) to ensure national security to minimize the sale of exports to ensure a trade deficit to increase the balance of trade
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"in the electricity industry, low average total costs are obtained only through large-scale production. in other words, the initial cost of setting up all the necessary wiring makes it risky and, most likely, unprofitable for competitors to enter the market. throughout much of the 20th century, many people viewed south africa’s de beers group as a monopoly because it controlled a large percentage of diamond production and sales. patents are granted to inventors of a product or process for a certain number of years. the reason for this is to encourage innovation in the economy. without the existence of patents, it is argued, research and development for improved electronics is unlikely to take place, since there’s nothing preventing another firm from stealing the idea, copying the product, and producing it without incurring the devel opment costs."which of the following best explains the barriers to entry that exist in this scenario? increasing returns to scale legal barriers exclusive ownership of a necessary resource
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