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Sometimes budget amounts are arrived at by copying the previous year’s amounts and maybe adjusting them by some percentage, under the assumption that if the money was spent last year, it will be needed again this year. if the leadership of an organization instead wants to see a justification of every budget expenditure, then which approach would be best?
a. bottom-up budgeting
b. zero-based budgeting
c. top-down budgeting
to know whether the company can meet payroll at the end of the week, managers look at? (the capital budget, the expense budget, the revenue budget, the cash budget) , which documents daily or weekly cash inflow and outflow.

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Which type of ratios focus on the ability of a firm to meet its short-term financial obligations? answers: activity ratiosliquidity ratiosleverage ratiosprofitability ratios
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The payment of an insurance premium of $5,400 for a three-year policy was debited to prepaid insurance for $5,400 and credited to cash for $4,500. indicate whether the debit or credit total is higher and by how much.
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17.     chef a says that garnish should be added to a soup right before serving. chef b says that garnish should be cooked with the other ingredients in a soup. which chef is correct? a. chef a is correct. b. both chefs are correct. c. chef b is correct. d. neither chef is correct. student answer: c    answer: incorrect which is correct answer?
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Robert just found out that he is going to be unemployed within a month because his factory has invested in a robotic factory line and his skills are no longer needed. this means that robert is . the gdp within country d has begun to decline. as a result of decreased production, thomas lost his job designing cars. this means that thomas is . raquel has just been offered a job, but she has decided not to take it because she feels her skills merit better pay and a better position. this means that raquel is .
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Sometimes budget amounts are arrived at by copying the previous year’s amounts and maybe adjusting t...
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