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Successful firms are very careful in selecting the work to be outsourced. if expectations and requirements are fuzzy or open to debate, working together can become very difficult. the following are ways to clarify requirements and procedures except

a. make sure that different firms' project management systems are integrated.

b. contract only work with clearly defined deliverables with measurable outcomes.

c. establish who has access to certain information through robust safeguards.

d. make sure communication is well structured and interactions are managed to avoid confusion.

e. document your requirements.

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White company has two departments, cutting and finishing. the company uses a job-order costing system and computes a predetermined overhead rate in each department. the cutting department bases its rate on machine-hours, and the finishing department bases its rate on direct labor-hours. at the beginning of the year, the company made the following estimates: department cutting finishing direct labor-hours 6,000 30,000 machine-hours 48,000 5,000 total fixed manufacturing overhead cost $ 264,000 $ 366,000 variable manufacturing overhead per machine-hour $ 2.00 " variable manufacturing overhead per direct labor-hour " $ 4.00 required: 1. compute the predetermined overhead rate for each department. 2. the job cost sheet for job 203, which was started and completed during the year, showed the following: department cutting finishing direct labor-hours 6 20 machine-hours 80 4 direct materials $ 500 $ 310 direct labor cost $ 108 $ 360 using the predetermined overhead rates that you computed in requirement (1), compute the total manufacturing cost assigned to job 203. 3. would you expect substantially different amounts of overhead cost to be assigned to some jobs if the company used a plantwide predetermined overhead rate based on direct labor-hours, rather than using departmental rates?
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Scenario: you have advised the owner of bond's gym that the best thing to do would be to raise the price of a monthly membership. the owner wants to know what may happen once this price increase goes into effect. what will most likely occur after the price of a monthly membership increases? check all that apply. current members will pay more per month. the quantity demanded for memberships will decrease. the number of available memberships will increase. the owner will make more money. bond's gym will receive more membership applications.
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Successful firms are very careful in selecting the work to be outsourced. if expectations and requir...
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