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The company uses units as the measure of activity in its budgets and performance reports. during october, the company budgeted for 5,100 units, but its actual level of activity was 5,090 units. the company has provided the following data concerning the formulas to be used in its budgeting:

fixed element per month variable element per tenant-day
revenue $39.20
direcr labor $0 $5.40
direct materials $0 13.20
manufacturing overhead $45,800 1.70
selling and administrative expenses $22,800 0.50
total expenses $68,600.00 $20.80the direct materials in the flexible budget for october would be closest to:

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As described in statement of federal financial accounting concepts (sffac) no. 2 "entity and display," which of the following is an accurate list of the three perspectives from which the federal government can be viewed? a. function, department, and program. b. organization, budget, and program. c. budget, program, and line-item. d. fund, activity, and account
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