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The following data are​ given: et​ = yen105 ​= $1.00 et​+1​ = yen90 ​= $1.00 ​(one year​ later) ijapan​ = 5​% annually iu. s.​ = 8​% annually calculate the future value of​ $1,000 in one year invested in the united states and japan. if invested in the united​ states, the future value is ​$

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Bait and tackle has taxable income of $411,562. how much does it owe in taxes? $128,603.33 $134,611.27 $138,542.79 $139,931.08 $141,354.82
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Acountry made education free in mandatory up to age 15. it is established 100 new schools to educate kids across the country. as a result, citizens acquired the _ required to work. the school's generated _ for teachers and other staff. in 20 years, to countryside rapid _ and its gdp.
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What could cause a production possibilities curve to move down and to the left? a.) a nation loses land after being defeated in a war. b.) an increase in the use of computer technology speeds up production c.) a baby boom 20 years ago results in a large number of young adults in the population today. d.) thousands of investors from overseas invest money in a nations economy.
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The quinoa seed is in high demand in wealthier countries such as the u.s. and japan. approximately 97% of all quinoa production comes from small farmers in bolivia and peru who farm at high elevations—8,000 feet or higher. the seed is considered highly nutritious. mostly grown and harvested in bolivia and peru, and sold to markets in other countries, the seed is now considered an important for these nations. the governments of bolivia and peru are hopeful that this product will increase the quality of life of their farmers.
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The following data are​ given: et​ = yen105 ​= $1.00 et​+1​ = yen90 ​= $1.00 ​(one year​ later) ija...
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