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The following financial information is available for monty corporation. (in millions) 2022 2021 average common stockholders’ equity $2,500 $2,600 dividends declared for common stockholders 300 638 dividends declared for preferred stockholders 30 30 net income 500 550calculate the payout ratio and return on common stockholders’ equity for 2022 and 2021.

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The beach dude (bd) employs a legion of current and former surfers as salespeople who push its surfing-oriented products to various customers (usually retail outlets). this case describes bd's sales and collection process. each bd salesperson works with a specific group of customers throughout the year. in fact, they often surf with their customers to try out the latest surf gear. the bd salespeople act laid-back, but they work hard for their sales. each sale often involves hours of surfing with their customers while the customers sample all the latest surf wear. because bd makes the best surfing products, the customers look forward to the visits from the bd salespeople. and they often buy a lot of gear. each sale is identified by a unique invoice number and usually involves many different products. customers pay for each sale in full within 30 days, but they can combine payments for multiple sales. bd manages its clothing inventory by item (e.g., xl bd surfer logo t-shirts), identified by product number, but it also classifies the items by clothing line (the lines are differentiated by price points as well as the intended use of the clothing, e.g., surfing products, casual wear, . draw a uml class diagram that describes the beach dudes sales and collection process.b. using microsoft access, implement a relational database from your uml class diagram. identify at least three fields per table.c. describe how you would use the relational database to determine the beach dude’s accounts receivable.
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Sharon had some insider information about a corporate takeover. she unintentionally informed a friend, who immediately bought the stock in the target corporation. the takeover occurred and the friend made a substantial profit from buying and selling the stock. the friend told sharon about his stock dealings, and gave her a pearl necklace because she "made it all possible." the necklace was worth $10,000, but she already owned more jewelry than she desired.
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Jillian wants to plan her finances because she wants to create and maintain her tax and credit history. she also wants to chart out all of her financial transactions for the past federal fiscal year. what duration should jillian consider to calculate her finances? from (march or january )to (december or april)?
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Consider a consumer who is contemplating a new automobile purchase. she has narrowed her decision down to two brands, honda accord and ford taurus. she has identified gas mileage, price, warranty, and styling to be important attributes to consider in her decision
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