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The following profit payoff table was presented in problem 1. suppose that the decision-maker obtained the probability assessments

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Work books with the extension contain automated steps for performing
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Jamie lee is reviewing her finances one month later. she has provided the actual amounts paid below. use the cash budget table below to her identify the variances in her budget. each answer must have a value for the assignment to be complete. enter "0" for any unused categories. actual amounts income: monthly expenses: gross monthly salary $2,315 rent obligation $260 net monthly salary $1,740 utilities/electricity $130 savings allocation: utilities/water $10 regular savings $130 utilities/cable tv $155 rainy-day savings $20 food $160 entertainment: gas/maintenance $205 cake decorating class $90 credit card payment $25 movies with friends $50 car insurance $75 clothing $145 budgeted amounts assets: monthly expenses: checking account $1,850 rent obligation $225 emergency fund savings account $4,300 utilities/electricity $75 car $5,200 utilities/water $35 computer & ipad $1,100 utilities/cable tv $120 liabilities: food $115 student loan $6,600 gas/maintenance $95 credit card balance $1,000 credit card payment $45 income: car insurance $45 gross monthly salary $2,155 clothing $45 net monthly salary $1,580 entertainment: savings allocation: cake decorating class $90 regular savings $130 movies with friends $50 rainy day savings $20
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4.     chef a says that broth should be brought to a boil. chef b says that broth should be kept at an even, gentle simmer. which chef is correct? a. neither chef is correct. b. chef a is correct. c. both chefs are correct. d. chef b is correct. student answer: c    answer: incorrect which is right answer
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Samantha, who is divorced and has no children, lived with her roommate, sybil, for the entire year. sybil received $2,000 of unemployment compensation and she has no other income. samantha paid most of the cost of keeping up the apartment and most of sybil's support. which filing status can samantha use
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The following profit payoff table was presented in problem 1. suppose that the decision-maker obtain...
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