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The general fund has a transfer out to a debt service fund of $32,000 and a transfer in from an electric utility enterprise fund of $48,000. the debt service fund has a transfer in from the general fund of $32,000, and the electric utility enterprise fund has a transfer out to the general fund of $48,000. what will be the amount of transfers reported in the government-wide statement of activities? select one: a. transfers of $32,000 b. transfers of $48,000 c. transfers of $80,000 d. no transfers are reported.

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Select the correct answer. joshua runs a large manufacturing business that is listed on the stock exchange. his company made good profits in the previous financial year. he now plans to reward his shareholders with handsome dividends. under which category of activities in the cash flow statement would the company’s accountants place this outflow of cash? a. investing activities b. operating activities c. financing activities d. non-operating activities
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Jonathan’s class has 30 boys. of the students in his class, 60% are girls. how many girls are in jonathan’s class? (a)75 (b)60 (c)45 (d)20
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Compare the rate at which each of the three students read. stew: connie: felicia: words minute 795 3 1855 7 2120 8 2650 10 260 words per minute which student reads at a faster rate? in your final answer, include all necessary calculations.
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Xavier and shawn are co-owners of a party-planning business. they split all of the profits 50-50 and are able to make decisions that are binding on both parties. at one of their parties a guest is injured on a piece of equipment. the guest sues xavier and shawn, and they find they're personally liable for any damages. what kind of business structure do they have? question 8 options: sole proprietorship general partnership limited liability company corporation
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The general fund has a transfer out to a debt service fund of $32,000 and a transfer in from an elec...
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