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The north american industry classification system (naics) provides common industry definitions to facilitate the measurement of economic activity for the member countries of the
a. european union (eu).
b. united nations (un).
c. north american free trade agreement (nafta).
d. north atlantic treaty organization (nato).
e. uscanmex.

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The december 31, 2018, adjusted trial balance for the blueboy cheese corporation is presented below. account title debits credits cash 49,200 accounts receivable 295,000 prepaid rent 9,500 inventory 44,000 office equipment 540,000 accumulated depreciation"office equipment 226,000 accounts payable 58,000 note payable (due in six months) 42,000 salaries payable 6,900 interest payable 1,400 common stock 400,000 retained earnings 120,000 sales revenue 690,000 cost of goods sold 414,000 salaries expense 103,500 rent expense 28,500 depreciation expense 54,000 interest expense 2,800 advertising expense 3,800 totals 1,544,300 1,544,300 required: 1-a. prepare an income statement for the year ended december 31, 2018. 1-b. prepare a classified balance sheet as of december 31, 2018. 2. prepare the necessary closing entries at december 31, 2018.
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The hartman family is saving $400 monthly for ronald's college education. the family anticipates they will need to contribute $20,000 towards his first year of college, which is in 4 years .which best explain s whether the family will have enough money in 4 years ?
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Summarize the specific methods used by interest groups in order to influence governmental decisions making in all three branches of government. provide at least two examples from each branch.
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The master manufacturing company has just announced a tender offer for its own common stock. master is offering to buy up to 100% of the company's stock at $20 per share contingent on at least 64% of the outstanding shares being tendered. after the announcement of the offer, the stock closed on the nyse up 2.50 at $18.75. a customer has 100 shares of master stock in his cash account. the customer tells you that he wishes to "cash out" his position. you should recommend that the customer:
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