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The partnership agreement of angela and dawn has the following provisions: the partners are to earn 10 percent on the average capital. angela and dawn are to earn salaries of $28,000 and $10,000, respectively. any remaining income or loss is to be divided between angela and dawn using a 70: 30 ratio. angela’s average capital is $65,000 and dawn’s is $46,000.

required: prepare an income distribution schedule assuming the income of the partnership is

(a) $83,000

(b) $24,000.

if no partnership agreement exists, what does the upa 1997 prescribe as the profit or loss distribution percentages? (amounts that are to be deducted from an individual partner's capital balance should be entered with a minus sign.)

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While studying for the engineering economy final exam, you and two friends find yourselves craving a fresh pizza. you can't spare the time to pick up the pizza and must have it delivered. "pick-up-sticks" offers a 1-1/4-inch-thick (including toppings), 20-inch square pizza with your choice of two toppings for $15 plus 5% sales tax and a $1.50 delivery charge (no sales tax on delivery charge). "fred's" offers the round, deep-dish sasquatch, which is 20 inches in diameter. it is 1-3/4 inches thick, includes two toppings, and costs $17.25 plus 5% sales tax and free delivery. 1. what is the problem in this situation? state it in an explicit and precise manner. 2. systematically apply the seven principles of engineering economy (pp. 3-6) to the problem you have defined in part (a). 3. assuming that your common unit of measure is dollars (i.e., cost), what is the better value for getting a pizza based on the criterion of minimizing cost per unit of volume? 4. what other criteria might be used to select which pizza to purchase?
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How much more output does the $18 trillion u.s. economy produce when gdp increases by 3.0 percen?
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Alamar petroleum company offers its employees the option of contributing retirement funds up to 5% of their wages or salaries, with the contribution being matched by alamar. the company also pays 80% of medical and life insurance premiums. deductions relating to these plans and other payroll information for the first biweekly payroll period of february are listed as follows: wages and salaries $ 2,800,000 employee contribution to voluntary retirement plan 92,000 medical insurance premiums 50,000 life insurance premiums 9,800 federal income taxes to be withheld 480,000 local income taxes to be withheld 61,000 payroll taxes: federal unemployment tax rate 0.60 % state unemployment tax rate (after futa deduction) 5.40 % social security tax rate 6.20 % medicare tax rate 1.45 % required: prepare the appropriate journal entries to record salaries and wages expense and payroll tax expense for the biweekly pay period. assume that no employee's cumulative wages exceed the relevant wage bases for social security, and that all employees' cumulative wages do exceed the relevant unemployment wage bases.
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