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Will car dealers take 2 cars as trade in

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Jodi is trying to save money for a down payment on a house. she invests $6,000 into an account paying 5.5% simple interest. for how long must she save if she needs $7,300 for the down payment? a. 2 years b. 3 years c. 4 years d. 5 years
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Leon and sara are arguing over when the best time is to degrease soup. leon says that it's easiest to degrease soup when it's boiling. sara says it's easiest to degrease soup when it's cold. who is correct? a. neither leon nor sara is correct. b. leon is correct. c. both leon and sara are correct. d. sara is correct. student answer: b    answer: incorrect which following answer correct?
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Acompany's sales in year 1 were $300,000, year 2 were $351,000, and year 3 were $400,000. using year 2 as a base year, the sales percent for year 3 is
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Ski powder resort ends its fiscal year on april 30. the business adjusts its accounts monthly, but closes them only at year-end (april 30). the resort's busy season is from december 1 through march 31. adrian pride, the resort's chief financial officer, the museums a close watch on lift ticket revenue and cash. the balances of these accounts at the end of each of the last five months are as follows:
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