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How is carbon moved from the hydrosphere to the atmosphere?

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The organism shown is a free-living one that is anchored to the bottom of ponds and streams during one stage of its life cycle what is the common name for the group to which this organism belong
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Aradio signal from a gps satellite take only about 0.067 seconds to reach a gps reciever. if the speed of light is about 300,000km/s, then approximately how far away is the reciever from from the satellite?
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What is the molar mass of a gas that has density of 2.054 g/l
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The following data was collected when a reaction was performed experimentally in the laboratory. reaction data reactants products fe2o3 al al2o3 festarting amount in reaction: 3 moles 5 moles ? ? determine the maximum amount of fe that was produced during the experiment. explain how you determined this amount.
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How is carbon moved from the hydrosphere to the atmosphere?...
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