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Nuclear fusion in the sun involves hydrogen (h) atoms combining to form helium (he). a student claims that since the atmosphere contains hydrogen, any fusion reaction on earth would result in an uncontrolled chain reaction. what is wrong with the student's reasoning? the hydrogen in air is not densely packed enough for an uncontrolled chain reaction. uncontrolled chain reactions can only happen during nuclear fission. it is impossible to cause a fusion reaction to happen anywhere outside of the sun. we are safe because there is no radioactive hydrogen in the air.

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What is the molecular formula of a hydrocarbon with m+ = 166? (write the formula with no subscripts, e.g. c4h10.) what is the sum of rings and double bonds in this compound?
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Litmus paper is made from water-soluble dyes which are extracted from lichens. this paper is used as an acid-base indicator. which of these common household substances would turn blue litmus paper red? a) bleach b) lye c) soap d) vinegar
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Determine the empirical formula of a compound containing 40.6 grams of carbon, 5.1 grams of hydrogen, and 54.2 grams of oxygen. in an experiment, the molar mass of the compound was determined to be 118.084 g/mol. what is the molecular formula of the compound? for both questions, show your work or explain how you determined the formulas by giving specific values used in calculations.
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4. absorption has the highest risk of overdose due to increased potency. a. rectal b. oral c. transdermal d. intranasal
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Nuclear fusion in the sun involves hydrogen (h) atoms combining to form helium (he). a student claim...
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