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Isye 6501 Analytics-Success-Stories (among others) contain brief overviews of some major Analytics success stories. In this course project, your job is to think carefully about what analytics models and data might have been required. (1) Browse the short overviews of the projects. Read a bunch of them – they’re really interesting. But don’t try to read them all unless you have a lot of spare time; there are lots! (2) Pick a project for which you think at least three different Analytics models might have been combined to create the solution. (3) Think carefully and critically about what models might be used to create the solution, how they would be combined, what specific data might be needed to use the models, how it might be collected, and how often it might need to be refreshed and the models re-run. DO NOT find a description online (or elsewhere) of what the company or organization actually did. I want this project to be about your ideas, not about reading what someone else did. (4) Write a short report describing your answers to (3).

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Line joining liquid phase with liquid and solid phase mixture is known as: a) liquidus b) solidus c) tie line d) none of the mentioned
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Heat is added to a piston-cylinder device filled with 2 kg of air to raise its temperature 400 c from an initial temperature of t1 27 cand pressure of pi 1 mpa. the process is isobaric process. find a)-the final pressure p2 b)-the heat transfer to the air.
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An electrical motor raises a 50kg load at a construct velencity .calculate the power of the motor, if it takes 40sec to raise the load through a height of 24m(take g =9.8n/g)​
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Amixture of slurry and mud is to be pumped through a horizontal pipe of diameter 500 mm. the fluid behaves as a bingham plastic with a yield stress of 30 pa and viscosity 0.04 pa.s. describe the effects of the shear stress through a transverse section of the pipe by plotting the variation in shear stress and velocity profile: (i) just before the slurry starts to move (ii) as the slurry flows when the pressure gradient is double that in part (i)
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Isye 6501 Analytics-Success-Stories (among others) contain brief overviews of some major Analytics s...
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