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[1620] being thus passed the vast ocean, and a sea of troubles before in their preparation (as may be
remembered, by that which went before), they had now no friends to welcome them, nor inns to entertain or
refresh their weather-beaten bodies, no houses or much less towns to repair to, to seek for succor. it is
recorded in scripture as a mercy to the apostle and his shipwrecked company, that the barbarians showed
them no small kindness in refreshing them, but these savage barbarians, when they met with them (as after
will appear) were readier to fill their sides full of arrows then otherwise. and for the season it was winter, and
they that know the winters of that country know them to be sharp and violent, and subject to cruel and fierce
storms, dangerous to travel to known places, much more to search an unknown coast. besides, what could
they see but hideous and desolate wilderness, full of wild beasts and wild men? and what multitudes there
might be of them they know not.

summarize bradfords description

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[1620] being thus passed the vast ocean, and a sea of troubles before in their preparation (as may b...
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