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add commas, colons, and semicolons to the following sentence. use exact spelling and correct spacing.

1) while you are at the store get flour sugar eggs and milk to make brownies.

2) dear mr. andrews

3) today's practice: first, warm up; second, drills; third, scrimmage; then, cool down.

4) "don't forget to take the trash out" mom called as we left for school.

5) first go to the bank then go to the store and after that get some lunch.

6) timothy asked "can we go to the fair this year? "

7) the best part of the trip was going skiing but i also enjoyed sledding.

8) mrs. taylor the english teacher also sponsors the debate club.

9) while we are traveling our neighbors will take care of the dogs.

10) alice got to go to six flags and she went to the water park.

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add commas, colons, and semicolons to the following sentence. use exact spelling...
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