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Born in an irish community in the bronx, new york, eileen ivers first picked up a bow at the age of 8. she quickly exhibited a
mastery of the instrument and excelled at the all-ireland championships on her way to becoming known as the world's pre-eminent
celtic fiddler.

which of these presents a paraphrase suitable for a first-or second-grade student?

a. born in an irish community in the bronx, new york, eileen ivers first started to play the fiddle at the age of 8. she excelled
at it and became a pre-eminent celtic fiddler.

b. eileen ivers was born in new york city. eileen ivers is now the world's most famous fiddle player.

c. eileen ivers is from new york city. she started playing the fiddle at age 8. a fiddle is an instrument shaped like a small
guitar. it's held under the chin and played with a stringed stick called a bow. she is the world's most famous fiddle player.

d. master fiddler eileen ivers is the world's pre-eminent celtic fiddler.

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Born in an irish community in the bronx, new york, eileen ivers first picked up a bow at the age of...
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