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Follows a linking verb and renames the subject

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Asentence teacher gives the following speech. prepare a brief speech to accompany your science project. the speech will be presented to a faculty panel selected as judges. include a summary of your hypothesis, methods, and results. provide an explanation of any pictures or charts one of your poster. also share any complications you encountered during the science fair process. who is the intended audience for the teachers speech? a. young students. b. peers at the science fair. c. teacher evaluators. d. science professionals
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In paragraphs four through six, churchill offers a “resolution” to the house of commons in parliament to “record its approval of the steps taken and declare its confidence in the new government.” in paragraph six, churchill states the resolution. what is he asking of the house? how important is this resolution? explain your inference using evidence from the text.
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What is the italicized part in the sentence , all of the operators are efficient.
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Read this excerpt from we’ve got a job: the 1963 children’s march. then, in 1958, when he was nine, his mother got a job as a dental assistant – and a raise. at about the same time, wash got a job, too. six days a week for eight years, he woke up by four o'clock in the morning to deliver milk. by the time he got to school each day, he'd already put in almost half a day's work. how does this excerpt readers make a personal connection to the story? by connecting readers to his mother’s medical training by connecting readers to the milk-delivery business by connecting readers to wash’s academic success by connecting readers to wash’s daily work routine
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