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"if any one proposition could command the universal assent of mankind, we might expect it would be this: that the government of the union, though limited in its powers, is supreme within its sphere of action. this would seem to result necessarily from its nature. it is the government of all; its powers are delegated by all; it represents all, and acts for all. though any one state may be willing to control its operations, no state is willing to allow others to control them. the nation, on those subjects on which it can act, must necessarily bind its component parts. although, among the enumerated powers of government, we do not find the word ‘bank’ or ‘incorporation,’ we find the great powers to lay and collect taxes; to borrow money; to regulate commerce; to declare and conduct a war; and to raise and support armies and navies…a government, entrusted with such ample powers…must also be instructed with ample means for their execution.…we are unanimously of opinion, that the law passed by the legislature of maryland, imposing a tax on the bank of the united states, is unconstitutional and void."
1. which of the following did not result from the supreme court ruling above or similar rulings by the supreme court in the early 1800s?
a. the recognition of federal power over state laws
b. the promotion of regional interests over national concerns
c. the assertion of the primacy of the judiciary
d. the court determining the meaning of the constitution

2. the ideas expressed in the excerpt above can best be understood in the context of debates over:
a. the authority of different branches of the federal government.
b. the scope of the federal government’s role in the economy.
c. the relationship between the federal government and state governments.

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