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If i am writing a persuasive letter that schools should monitor kids social media, what would be a good counter argument, a good hook, a goood thesis satement, and supporting arguments?

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How does the author develop the idea that life was difficult for new immigrants coming to live the "american dream ? "
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Its come to our attention that someone has been taking extra supply out of the supply cabinet for some time now and this is not allowed the officer manager says if this continues to happen we will have to put up security cameras this will come out of the office budget there for our paychecks make sure that you're only using me budget for the for your department
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Project information: the pythagorean theorem can be used in many real-world scenarios. the following is an example of real-word scenario where you will use the pythagorean theorem to find the missing piece. real-word scenario: a handyman needs to create triangular trusses to frame out the roof of a small shed. he knows the roof itself will be 9 feet tall and the length of each truss will be 14 feet. how long will the roof be from its highest to lowest point? part 1: the handyman created a drawing to provide a visual to solve this problem. below is his drawing. 1. part 2: solve the real-life scenario. show all your steps in answering the question and make sure you label your final answer correctly.
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What can you infer about how the particular events in "the memoirs of the conquistador bernal del diaz de castillo" still affected the writer at the time of writing his memoir? 1.he thinks of his dead crewmen with sadness and regrets that they died for nothing. 2.he is still frustrated that one of his men accidentally kills himself by drinking too much water.  3.he thinks wistfully about the wealth he may have enjoyed if they had found gold in the yucatan.  4.he still considers indians liars. 
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