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In letters from an american farmer, what character trait does crevecoeur see as forming the foundation of american
equality and success?

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Baltus van tassel is known to be a miser. true or false
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1. according to mla citation style rules, when citing a book by more than one author, the authors' names should a. be listed alphabetically by first name. b. be listed alphabetically by last name. c. be listed in the order in which they appear on the title page. d. follow the title of the book. 2.which of the following items is not necessary to include in summary notes? a. all the information that is relevant to your topic and purpose b. complete publication information c. the time and date you read the source material d. specific examples 3. which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? a. reviewing key ideas on a topic b. combining opinions and general statements c. exploring different points of view d. understanding the topic in depth 4.when punctuating quotations, commas and are placed inside the quotation marks. a. semicolons b. periods c. colons d. page numbers in parentheses 5. in academic writing, why would you prefer to rely on information from scholarly journals rather than magazines? a. authors in scholarly journals are generally specialists in their field. b. magazines use every-day experiences and discuss popular topics. c. scholarly journals never include visuals. d. scholarly journals are more difficult to find, and therefore more valuable. 6.when punctuating direct quotations, use a after the verb that introduces the quotation. a. comma b. dash c. colon d. seimicolon
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What is the effect of narrator's word choice on the tone of this passage? the words "my heart shrank within itself" create a fearful tone. the words "better-omened" set a hopeful tone. the words "wounded his fellow" develop a remorseful tone. the words "struck harsh upon my ears" suggest an irritated tone.
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One legend states that the cause of the trojan war was in part due to a contest between the goddesses on olympus and an event called the “judgement of paris.” in at least 150 words, explain the contest and describe how it is believed to have started the trojan war.
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