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which inference can best be drawn about these men?

the men in "honest work" say that the old smith was "foolishly careful" for the painstaking way in which he worked.

they are the foolish ones.

they were correct to be critical.

they never learned that ships can sink.

they themselves are expert smiths.

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Which is the best topic sentence for this letter? a) amelia grady likes the middle school fundraiser. b) the basketball team at kennedy middle school enjoys its community. c) kennedy middle school wants to get the community involved in its activities. d) kennedy middle school has organized an event in which you may be interested.
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Need feedback on this, . still working on the conclusion. would a single global culture result in a better world? throughout the almost 200,000 years that humans have invaded the earth, we have created, destroyed and even forgotten cultures and ways of life that was either introduced to us or what we discovered to increase our chance of survival on this planet. every country, no matter how big or small, have certain values and beliefs that are vital to the growth and development of that nation. so, why should every country operate under the same principles just to seek common ground and unity? the issue of having a single global culture creates conflict areas between cultures. the same differences in culture can have a negative effect. “on the other hand, we find some of our dearly held values being torn apart at the roots” (karim, p.242). usually, the problems here are the loss of individualism and a sense of belonging to a group. one might object here that as operating under one culture, we have no right to feel indifferent about losing our original and unique heritage because everyone is now equal. although that may be true, being the only or one of the few members from your group is something treated as a big deal. language is a major key expression of cultural diversity. the language barrier would cause native dialect and tongues to die out. some might say this is a myth and that language can be preserved other than teaching it to the next generation. english is known to be one of the top three most spoken languages in the world just after chinese mandarin and spanish. non-english speakers most certainly use english as their second language and eventually forget how to speak their native tongue as english becomes their dominant speech. “we understand that everything is subjected to the (immutable) law of change, law of chaos or perhaps decay.” (karim, p.242). uniformity is not the key to peace and unity- tolerance of difference is. it might seem like a contradiction, but uniformity does not equal unity. unity is a factor of tolerating and embracing the unique qualities in each culture and each person. as soon as we start to say one culture, belief, or way of living is best, we exclude and divide instead of bringing people together. the world is big enough to hold an array of views, and we can still connect with our basic humanity.
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