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Me with lc 8.04 semester 1 test: part 1
question 1
in works such as "to build a fire," naturalist writers such as jack london praised
a) the choice to remain safely within the protective boundaries of civilization.
b) a wise respect for the wildness and force of the natural world.
c) an unquestioning trust entirely in the wisdom and cleverness of humans.
d) a celebration of the lighter side of life in the woods.
question 4
james thurber's "the secret life of walter mitty" is written in the limited third-person as a way of
a) letting readers know what the other characters are doing when walter mitty is daydreaming.
b) creating a greater distance between the narrator and the events of the story.
c) changing the mood of the story.
d) allowing readers to experience walter mitty's daydreams more closely.
question 6
the climax of "the glass of milk" occurs when
a) the narrator describes the story’s physical setting.
b) the boy consumes the wafer and milk that he cannot pay for.
c) the boy refuses the sailor's offer of food.
d) the boy begins to feel very hungry.
question 7
which of the following quotations is an example of dialect from langston hughes’s short story “gumption”?
a) “you can’t eat gumption.”
b) “well, they ain’t got no better, leastwise not for colored.”
c) “there was no peace at home that morning.”
d) “well, that made the old man mad.”
question 8
to readers visualize and relate to autumn in “to autumn,” john keats
a) compares autumn to the city of london in an extended metaphor.
b) uses the first-person point of view to convey his personal response to autumn.
c) alliteration, filling the entire poem with –s sounds.
d) personifies autumn as a woman to whom he can speak.
question 9
a poem that uses neither rhyme nor predictable meter is categorized as
a) a free-verse poem.
b) an epic poem.
c) a haiku.
d) a narrative poem.
question 10
the motif of the falling leaves in gerard manley hopkins's poem "spring and fall"
a) reveals the naivety of children.
b) strengthens the theme that all things must die.
c) brings to mind the beauty of autumn.
d) implies that spring will come again soon.
question 15
like most autobiographies, i know why the caged bird sings uses the point of view to involve readers more intimately with the story being told.
a) second-person
b) third-person limited
c) third-person omniscient
d) first-person
question 16
what is the impact of the setting on the events in mark twain's "a cub pilot"?

a)the setting provides opportunities for twain to include humor.
b)the setting draws the characters into conflicts that otherwise might not arise.
c)the setting creates a rich environment of specific language and imagery for twain to draw on.
d)setting has no impact on the events
question 17
in “in just-“ the poet uses the words mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful to
a) establish the poem’s rhyme scheme.
b) describe the children’s joyful movements.
c) suggest the mood and appearance of early spring.
d) readers visualize the balloonman.

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Me with lc 8.04 semester 1 test: part 1
question 1
in works such as "to build a fire,"...
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