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“military women in combat: why making it official matters."

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One element of lyrical poetry is personal reflection. which line is n this poem most clearly illustrate that element
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Match the term to the purpose it has. 1. but 2. furthermore 3. meanwhile 4. in the distance 5. first 6. therefore 7. in other words 8. for instance a. show space relation b. introduce an illustration c. repetition of an idea d. take away, limit, or oppose e. show a consequence f. indicate order g. show time relation h. add ideas
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Read the following lines from wordsworth's poem and answer the question. for oft, when on my couch i lie in vacant or in pensive mood, they flash upon that inward eye which is the best paraphrase of these lines? despite being able to plant my own daffodils, i prefer remembering the ones by the bay. if i feel very sad, i look inside myself for courage to face the day with my eyes open. oftentimes, i become so tired and overwhelmed that i lay down and think of daffodils. when i am feeling empty or concerned, the sight of the daffodils comes to my mind.
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In at least one hundred words, explain how the structure of elizabeth bishop’s “sestina” to convey meaning in the poem. provide specific evidence from the text to support your response.
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“military women in combat: why making it official matters."...
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