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passage 1

when the army from the plain reached the fort of the enemy, a tense standoff ensued. the army general called for the men in the fort to surrender, but the answer soon came in the form of cannon fire. a fierce and bloody battle was then waged with many casualties on both sides.

passage 2

the men in the fort watched warily as the enemy troops from the plains advanced towards their position. the general of this army rather haughtily shouted a command that the men in the fort surrender. the commander of the fort shouted back, "if you want it, come and take it! " this was followed by the firing of a cannon volley.
which statement summarizes a difference between the two passages?
a) passage 1 discusses the battle itself.
b) passage 2 discusses the battle itself.
c) passage 1 discusses the events leading up to the battle.
d) passage 2 discusses the events leading up to the battle.

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passage 1

when the army from the plain reached the fort of the enemy, a tense sta...
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