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Which details from the text best support the central idea? select two options.

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Which neoplantonic ideas did augustine borrow and express in book xi of confessions
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What character trait does penelope demonstrate when she calls for the suitors to hold a contest? what other character has a similar trait? she demonstrates cleverness, like odysseus does when he tricks and overcomes foes. she demonstrates hospitality, like the phaeacians do when odysseus lands on their island. she demonstrates a lack of confidence, like telemachus does when he fails to kick out the suitors. she demonstrates a lack of self control, like odysseus’s men do when they slaughter helios’s cattle.
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Buck did not cry out. he did not check himself, but drove in upon spitz, shoulder to shoulder, so hard that he missed the throat. they rolled over and over in the powdery snow. spitz gained his feet almost as though he had not been overthrown, slashing buck down the shoulder and leaping clear. twice his teeth clipped together, like the steel jaws of a trap, as he backed away for better footing, with lean and lifting lips that writhed and snarled. read this passage. explain what the conflict shows about buck and spitz.
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Listening is also important because you spend more time listening than participating in any other communication activity. in fact, you spend more time listening to others than doing almost anything else. typical americans spend more than 80 percent of any average day communicating with other people l. they spend 45 percent of that communication time listening to others. which sentence states the main idea?
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Which details from the text best support the central idea? select two options....
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