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Why does juliet want romeo to have some other name

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"first of all, how could they mistake a man for a sasquatch? " which best explains the purpose of this question (from review 2)? a) to illustrate how much the book uses humor b) to show how unbelievable parts of the story are c) to convince the reader that the novel is poorly written d) to highlight the differences between the characters in the novel
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What does breathless mean in the following sentence? after elizabeth won the race, she was breathless with excitement. a.was about to faint b.was not able to breathe c.was at the finish line d.was not excited
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Read the following entries from the online etymology dictionary based on the information above, what does the world microcephaly most likely mean? a. dull or unintelligent b. worldly thinking c. having a large head d. bigger than usual
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Choose the answer. what literary device is apparent in the title of the poem "war is kind," what what effect does it have on the reader's interpretation?
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Why does juliet want romeo to have some other name...
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