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You are listening to and evaluating an informative speech in your public speaking class. which choice would be the most effective way to focus your attention?

interrupt the speaker frequently to ask questions.

take notes and summarize ideas.

write the speech down word for word.

discuss with a partner the main points of the speech as it is being presented.

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Egbert couldn't wait to see paris! he left the safety of the limb and soared into the blue sky! he had many miles to travel before reaching paris. egbert is a a) bird. b) dog. c) grasshopper. d) squirrel.
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Which statement about “the jitling of granny weatherwall” most clearly describes streak of consciousness? a)in her narration, granny often gets distracted by random thoughts. b)granny feels disillusioned from her jitling from many many years ago c)brief moments of dialogue break up otherwise long sequences of description. d)the narrator often relies on metaphor to convey granny’s thoughts and feelings
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How did thomas jefferson state in the declaration of independence the right to break away from king george
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You are listening to and evaluating an informative speech in your public speaking class. which choic...
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