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Ineed 4-4 i just struggle with these all the time need

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In 1933 the 21st amendment was added to the u.s. constitution, allowing for the manfacture, transportation, and sale of alacoholic beverages in the united states. why was this amendment needed?
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How do ocean currents affect temperature? check all that apply. they carry cold water from the poles to the equator and cool air over land. they flow north and then south below the equator. they flow south and then north above the equator. they move warm water from the equator to the poles and heat air over land. they move east to west and create prevailing winds. they move west to east and create seasonal winds.
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The red square is a famous historical site that is located in
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What is a small water source like a stream or brook?
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Ineed 4-4 i just struggle with these all the time need...
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